As a teacher, I tend to spend a lot of the summer months trying to recharge and get ready for the coming of a new school year. Using that same mind set I have spent time this summer reflecting on the first half of my year as Master.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the loss of Brother Ron East. During the First half of this year I talked with Ron almost every day. The experience and knowledge that he gave me and the lodge can never be replaced. My hope is that the influence Ron had over each of us will continue and we will continue to strive to do good and be better. Please come join us at a meeting, our table lodge or awards luncheon and share your memories and help all as we work our way through grieving the loss of our friend and Brother.

Ron’s passing does mean that there will be change at the lodge. I need to thank Brother Ed Houghton who has agreed to serve as secretary pro tem through the end of the year. I am working with my officers and Brother Ed to make sure that all of the duties of the secretary are up to date and taken care of. We will be electing a new secretary at the annual meeting in December.

We have a very busy fall schedule starting with degrees on both meetings in September; an Entered Apprentice degree on the 5th and a Master Mason degree on the 19th Lead by Marshall Robinson and the Police degree team.

I am hopeful that the change that we must go through over the next few months will be an opportunity for us to come together as a lodge and grow both as the fraternity and as individuals. I know there will be mistakes made, but as Ron told me many times: “The only person who does not make mistakes is the person who does nothing. We are masons be active, and make sure you learn from your mistakes to become better. ”


Bill McDonough
Worshipful Master